Frequently Asked Questions

Your main work is english typing. Mostly data are related to medical relations. We will provide third party online software for data typing. This is the software which is mostly used in BPO’s.

Is there any minimum target for data entry work ? You can work in your own time. You don’t have any target to complete. In short you can work anytime.

You don’t need any higher qualification. You just need some basic knowledge about Internet and typing.

You can start working within 20 minute. After Registration, activation of the software will take 10-15 minute and you can start the work.

You can start work just after completing your registration. You can start working within 20 minute. After Registration, activation of the software will take 10-15 minute and you can start the work.

We review your work within 3 to 4 days. After review your work we will update your balance.

Yes, You can do your work anytime. Your work is available 24 hours.

No, this is not compulsory to do work daily. If you are busy in your daily life than don’t worry, It is real part time so you not need to worry. Take rest and do whenever you feel free.

It’s very simple, Just type the text or data given in the image. You don’t need to correct any word or grammar mistakes, Just type as it is.

No, there is no any type of limit on work. You can work as much you can do.

Generally we review your work within 2 to 4 days. We request you to please wait for 2-4 days to view your work result. You can check your reports in software.

Yes, This is 100% real work also we are not charging any membership fees from our members.

It’s simple.
Step 1: You enter any data in given box in software.
Step 2: This data will be sent for verification.
Step 3: After verification according to your work quality we update your balance.

Yes, but it difficult to do it in a little screen, we suggest you to at least you do on a tablet with external keyboard and mouse. Most of our members do it on laptop and desktop. You don’t need any heavy laptop. It work smoothly on any low configuration computer.

Option 1: Send our advertisement to your friend and ask them to click on link given in our ad, our system will automaticaly knwy that it is your referal.
Option 2: Ask your friend to register on our website and enter your refer code in registration process form.

You can share our ad on whatsap facebook you tube etc. You also can send sms to your contacts.

We give a flat % of what your friend earn by doing our work, It just a type of our promotion. We don’t give any down line type income. This is no any MLM type business.

As you refer your friends to our website and you are new to this website so we are giving you Rs. 50, This Promotional balance will update in your account anytime within 24 hours.

After you submit any data by typing,your work will be sent to verification team, After review/verification of your work we update your balance.

You can transfer your earning in your bank account. Minimum payout is Rs. 1000/-.

For every entry our verification team review your work and according to your work quality (Accuracy) we give you balance according to your plan. Please see plan for reference.

No, You can pay our membership fees later but software company don’t give us any credit, so you need to pay it in advance.

Software fees is very nominal. If you really want to do some genuine work than you have to pay it. You are our member so we are giving you credit but why other company will give you credit ?
You are using software and resources on servers which cost money and it is not free to use.

You can pay your software activation fees on line using your debit card, credit card or Internet banking, After making payment your software will be activated within 10-15 minutes, and you can start your work.

Don’t worry, it may take some time to activate. It is a automated process, you don’t need to do anything.

You can try with other payment method or other debit / credit card or try after some time, may be there any technical problem happen it will fix soon.

No, this is third party software, We don’t have any type of control on this software.

Yes, you can see your work result, you can see it in recent entries option in menu.

Yes, our system automatically add discount code to every members of our website. You only pay discounted price.